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The Holy Kaaba Exhibition

The Holy Kaaba is the most sacred site of Islam, held by Muslims to be the House of God. Pilgrimage to the Kaaba is one of the fundamental rites of Islam, and its location determines the direction Muslims turn to for their prayers. 

This exhibition of 50 carefully selected items offers insights into the history of the Kaaba, the stages of its construction, its architectural features and adornment, and its religious and spiritual significance.

These photos, works of art, books and manuscripts testify to the deep effect the Kaaba has had on visitors for centuries.

Date: 1 May – 23 September 2019

Time: During the Library's opening hours

Language: Arabic and English 

Target Audience: General public

This is an open event; RSVP is not required

Event time

01.05.2019 08:00 AM
23.09.2019 08:00 PM

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Event location

Heritage Library Permanent Exhibition Area
Qatar National Library, Education City


Qatar National Library