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Sports Challenge for Children

Widen your knowledge of sports and build your research skills by taking part in our sports challenge on Instagram. Use our databases to help you answer five sports-related questions in either English or Arabic, then fill in the answer form and send it via email to We will select 10 winners from the first 100 correct submissions through a live draw on Instagram on 27 February 2021.

Submissions of the answers need to include the link to the resource from which the answer was retrieved. 

The contest begins 2 February, and the last day to submit answers is 24 February. 

You can access children’s online resources using your Library membership at  To register for membership, visit

1. Which three of the following five are Olympic winter sports and Olympic summer sports?
Summer Olympics sports (pick three)
1. Golf
2. Skiing
3. Swimming
4. Hide 'n' seek
5. Rowing

Winter Olympics sports (pick three)
1. Water polo
2. Sailing
3. Snowboarding
4. Ski jumping
5. Ice hockey

Resources: Scholastic Go!

2. Stabling, feeding, grooming, saddling and bridling are involved in the care of this animal, which is a very important part of many sports. Which animal is this?

Resources: Britannica

3. What events make up a triathlon?

Resources: Scholastic Go!

4. Where and when did the first Commonwealth Games take place?
Resources: Britannica Elementary

5. How much does a football weigh?
Resources: Scholastic Go!

The drawing will be conducted on 27 February from 4:00 - 4:30 PM, online via Instagram Live (QNL_children).

To join, click on the link below:

Date: 1 – 20 February 2021 

Language: Arabic and English 

Target Audience: Children ages 8 – 11

This is an open event; RSVP is not required

Event time

01.02.2021 08:00 AM
24.02.2021 08:00 PM

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Event location

Online via Instagram Live (QNL_children)


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