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Make Your Own Camera

The idea of ​​the workshop is to transform a soft drink can into a camera that takes vintage photos that reflect the spirit of photography in the 18th century. With this camera, you can experience the early days of photography, learn how cameras work, what they are made of, how they are manufactured and how to capture memorable photos.

In this workshop, you'll learn about the history of photography, how to make a simple and primitive camera, how these simple cameras compare with latest advanced ones, and how to take vintage photos without using image editing software. This workshop is one of the events accompanying the exhibition "Between Science and Art: Early Photography in the Middle East," which will run from 20 September until 30 December 2021.

Participants must attend all days because workshops are interlinked to each other.

Instructor: Khalifa Al Obaidly, Director of Tasweer Festival


1st session: 22 October 2021, from 4:00 – 5:30 PM
Theoretical introduction and an explanation of how to convert cans into camera

2nd session: 23 October 2021, from 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Taking photographs using the cameras made by participants, developing the film and displaying the photographs for discussion

Language: Arabic and English 

Target Audience: Adults 18 and over with basic knowledge of photography

Registrants will be contacted by the event focal point to confirm thier age by sharing a copy of their QIDs.

Seats are limited, please click the button below to register.

Kindly note that all participants should be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 

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Event time

22.10.2021 03:00 PM
23.10.2021 06:00 PM

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Event location

Fire Station - Artist in residence


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