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Library Creative Video Challenge – Submission Guidelines

2023.11.5 00:00

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Welcome to the QNL Creative Video Challenge, where we invite all creative minds to showcase our Library through a video.

We would love to see how you capture our Library’s unique space and architectural features from your own creative standpoint. 

Competition Details:

1. Eligibility:

-    The competition is open to young adults and adults (16+). 
-    Participants must showcase Qatar National Library. 

2. Theme:

Create and edit a video that showcases the structure and architecture of the Library in your own unique way. The video must show the physical aspect of the Library building and facilities, including either the interior, the exterior, or both. 

3. Video Guidelines:

-    Length: Videos should be 1 minute maximum. 
-    Format: Videos can be shot through your phone or professional camera. 
-    Resolution: The video should be for Instagram Reels (1080 pixels x 1920 pixels)
-    Content: Your video can take any form of storytelling, whether ia documentary-style tour, a creative narrative, cinematic-style film, animation, a stop-motion animation, time-lapse video or any other artistic approach that showcases the Library building and its facilities. 
-    Originality: All content, including music and visuals, must be original or properly licensed for use. It is preferrable to use music without any lyrics. 
-    Language: If the video includes any speaking, it should be in either Arabic or English. 

4. Submission Process:
-    Upload your video on Instagram using the hashtag #QNLCreativeVideoChallenge
-    Make sure your profile is set to public so it can be viewed. 

5. Submission Deadline:

The submission deadline is 5 December 2023. 

6. Judging Criteria:

-    Creativity and originality.
-    Editing style of the video. 
-    Storytelling and content relevance.
-    Technical quality (video and audio).
-    Overall presentation.

7. Prize:

The winner will receive an iPhone 15. 


8. Announcement

Once the submission period ends, the winner’s video will be promoted on our social media platforms.
Winners will be notified via direct messages on Instagram.

9. Copyright and Permissions:

By submitting your video, you grant Qatar National Library the right to share and promote it on our platforms with proper attribution.
Ensure you have obtained all necessary permissions and rights for any copyrighted material used in your video.


Date: 5 November - 5 December 2023 

Language: Arabic and English 

Target Audience: General public 

Event date and time

Starts:   2023.11.5 00:00
Ends:   2023.12.5 00:00

Event location

Social Media

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